Board of Commissioners

  • Penny Joy, Chairperson
  • Michael Whalen, Vice Chairman
  • Bobbi Johnson, Vice Chairperson
  • Marilyn Lavelle
  • Louis Tardiff


Charlotte J. Perkins Executive Director
Linda Orlando Finance Manager
Karen Smith Coordinator of Economic Self-Sufficiency Programs
Susan Ahlin Resident Service Coordinator
Heidi Bradley Section 8 Occupancy Specialist
Alia LeVasseur Family Support Secialist/Public Housing Occupancy Specialist
Janet Maddo Family Service Coordinator
Pamela Spaulding Receptionist/Accounting Clerk
Sheena Curry Low Income Tax Credit Coordinator
Stephen Williams Facilities Director
Kurt Goodine Maintenance Technician
Kirt DeWitt Maintenance Technician
Jon Rich Maintenance Technician
Warren Glidden Maintenance Technician